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In 2012 I started the violin school 

Mirjam Charas Violin Academy AB in Stockholm with the mission to educate young people in a musical education program with a focus on the violin.

Values and Method

My pedagogy is based on the musical knowledge and traditions of Mimi Zweig who has developed programs influenced by Shinichi Suzuki and Paul Rolland. I have also learned a great deal from the wonderful violin teachers I have met along the way, Eva Belvelin, Ulla Magnusson and Päivikki Wirkkala-Malmqvist among others.


A Non-Judgmental Environment 
In order for students to develop most efficiently, a non-judgmental environment is established where mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn. The teacher and student view mistakes in a neutral way; they are neither good nor bad, simply pieces of information. Breaking down each problem to the simplest form and formulating a solution allows the student to learn quickly and have a good time along the way.


Parental Guidance

Parents are a very important component in the learning process of young children beginning to play the violin. Parents attend all the lessons, take notes and practice daily with the child at home. As the child develops and becomes more independent, the role of the parent will diminish.

The musical development of the child is directly proportional to the level of investment of time and support the parents are willing to make.
Besides attending lessons, taking notes and practicing with the child daily, parents should also try to 
make the practice session enjoyable and, together with the child, listen daily to the music he/she is learning.
A child’s progress and ability to express himself/herself musically is an exciting journey and the love for music will always enhance their life, regardless of what they chose to do.


Benefits of Playing the Violin

An understanding of violin skills and musical structure have proven to be extremely beneficial for a child’s education in general. Studying the violin teaches discipline, persistence, curiosity, self-esteem and excellence.



Fall semester 2023
12 lessons, including student concert


20 minute private lesson: 5000 kr

30 minute private lesson:  6500 kr

45 minute privat lesson: 9500 kr

VAT included in all prices

My weekly lessons are given in Danderyd.

The summer course is held in Nordiska Musikgymnasiet‘s premises in Liljeholmen, Stockholm.


The Fall semester 2023 starts week 34.

Mirjam Charas Violin Academy AB possesses an F-tax card.


For further information please email me at



Violin lessons in Stockholm

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